Hiromi's Raggedy Ann & Andy World

Welcome to my Raggedy world. I'm a Japanese Raggedy Collector.

In June of 1988, I started to create my Raggedy Ann & Andy

Home Page on net. I had lots of emails from Raggedy Ann & Andy Fan

around the world. I am always waiting for you to visiting my HP.

 Please feel free to say "Hello" to me.

Are you curious to know what Ann & Andy are doing in Japan?

*Andy is sitting in front of my oldest computer.


*Picture taken at my Raggedy Room in my house 2003.


About 23 years ago, I found a Raggedy Ann in Japanese comics. She was drawn as a decoration in the background. At that moment, a strange feeling came over me. I was attracted to her and her triangle nose. It was the beginning of my Raggedy Ann & Andy collecting.

I called to ask Phoenix Corporation, Ltd. if there are Raggedy Ann & Andy Fan Club in America. I was so excited to hear that the newsletter called "RAGS" is published in America. Phoenix gave me the address of the publisher. I started subscribing to the RAGS newsletter on the Nov.1992 issue.

About 1 year later, the publisher lady - Barbara asked me that "Do you want to show your collection on the Collector's Showcase pages?" It was very honor for me to be on RAGS!

* Hiromi's Collectors Showcase on RAGS.

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